YouTuber PewDiePie Does…Something With Belly Bump Balls

It is wonderfully serendipitous that internet sensation and world famous video auteur Pewdiepie decided to title one of his most recent videos “Christmas Balls”, or we’d likely never have the chance to write about him here at The Ball Report. Assuming Felix (Kjellberg, Pewdiepie’s real name) didn’t realize we were angling to work up a post on him, his only motivation for the title was his trial run with novelty exercise product “Belly Bump Balls”, which have as little to do with Christmas as any other (sponsored, presumably) product in the video.

Here’s the deal with PewDiePie, though — the guy’s content stinks. His subscribers (over 40M) don’t seem to mind, as any old clip of the Swedish gamer is sure to eclipse the 7-figure view count in a matter of days. For slightly more discerning viewers though, it’s jarring how quickly such a popular entertainer can tank a surefire premise like crawling into some Belly Bump Balls and bouncing around the room. In that sense, PewDiePie is very impressive.