1500 Gold Balls Mysteriously Appear In Queens Park

1500 Gold Balls Mysteriously Appear In Queens Warehouse

Guerrilla art is a hell of a thing - when creative people don’t get permission to execute their vision within the law, sometimes they take matters into their own hands. Obviously graffiti is the most visible form of outlaw art, but there are others, as visitors to Fort Tilden Park in Queens, New York recently discovered.

If you were wandering the derelict park and stumbled into a certain structure, your eye might be caught by a sparkle of gold on the ground - and another, and another. 1,500 gold-colored plastic balls have been painstakingly placed along trails and dead ends and inside rusting buildings. The man responsible is artist Aaron Asis, who calls the work “Have A Ball.”

The installation is a reactive piece to some other recent public art - instead of being a heavily-heralded installation that people specifically come to visit, it’s a subtler experience designed to remind people of the thrill of discovery. In the artist’s own words, “Have a Ball is a reaction to formalized treatments in an unformalized settings. Our relationships with alternative spaces doesn’t need to be limited to an acceptance of curated experiences.”

If you’re in Queens, Fort Tilden Park is a great visit no matter what, but now you have something new to discover there.

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