40 High-Speed Nerf Balls To The Face


If you haven’t been following the Nerf arms race too closely, here’s what you need to know: the ubiquitous foam-shooting guns are just getting more powerful and crazier. And then there’s people who like to push the envelope even farther by modifying their weapons after they buy them to add even more oomph. So what happens when you take one of these amped-up guns and blast a guy in the face with 40 Nerf balls?

This video from YouTube user LordDraconical explores exactly what would happen in that situation: nothing good. Customizer Drac Thalassa has tricked out his Khaos to blast balls at 30 miles an hour, emptying the clip in just a few seconds. One of his cohorts volunteered to be on the receiving end of this bad boy and take all 40 shots to the face.

Yes, they replay the humiliation in slow motion just in case you want to bask in it. These Nerf balls are moving faster than the eye can follow, and we’ll be honest with you: Daddy wants one of these. Thankfully, there’s a how-to guide to making your own right here.