A Doctor Explains How A Testicle Can Pop

Doctor Explains

Injury to the ballsack is one of the most terrifying things we can think of. We keep those puppies safe in a cup for a reason. But most of the time you get hit down low, the natural shock absorption of the swinging scrotum lets the impact dissipate. Sure, it still hurts like the dickens, but there’s not as much damage done to its precious contents. However, in the unluckiest of circumstances, your testicle can take an impact so hard that it pops. In this video, the JustKiddingNews crew and a doctor explains just how that’s possible.

Warning: the subject matter in this clip isn’t for the faint of heart. We write about balls and injuries just about every day and it was still a lot to handle. Their source material is an article on Vice where Dr. Simon McRae, a surgeon at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Massachusetts, was tasked with explaining the situation. Here’s how he describes the repair process:

“The testicle has a parenchyma, which is the meat of the testicle. It’s a somewhat soft gelatinous rubbery consistency. Then it is bound by a thin capsule called a tunic. So you have a blunt force trauma, and it sort of ruptures the capsule that binds the innards. It looks like a cracked egg or a disrupted egg and the stuff is pushing out through the defect in the capsule and you see this oozy material popping out. You have to remove the stuff that is oozing out and then sew the capsule shut.”