A Robot Ball Is The Latest Accessory For LG Phones

So the LG G5 is coming soon, and despite the fact that Samsung and Apple are way ahead in the model numbers game, the G5, when it releases, will have a few tricks up its sleeve that nobody else can match. They may not even want to!

(The G5 will not offer sleeves as an accessory at launch.)

Sure, you’ve got a removable battery, a camera improver, a dedicated audio box and all that, but also you can have a robot that goes with your phone. And it’s not one of the good kinds that can talk or fix spaceships. No, while this little guy looks like he’d be perfectly happy in the Star Wars universe or on the deck of the USS Enterprise (did they have robots in Star Trek???) he will probably be available to LG G5 owners in regular ol’ stores fairly soon.

Why would you want a robot ball as a phone accessory? What do you do with a robot ball phone accessory when you get a new phone? When did we get past the point that phone accessories were just plastic bumper cases and little keychain thingies?

No one has the answers to these questions, not even the cutest little robots in the entire galaxy.