After Five Month Sex Ban, This Couple Is Celebrating

Testicular Cancer Sex Ban

One of many difficult things about testicular cancer is abstaining from sexual activity as you recover. One British couple has just finished a five month sex ban and now things are getting wild in their bedroom. Let’s hear their story.

Maddie and Patrick Spinks were getting ready for a romantic weekend getaway when he noticed a strange feeling in his ballsack. Like a smart man, he headed in to his doctor for a more thorough examination and was told he had a bean-sized tumor on one of his testicles and it needed to be removed. The surgery was successful, but their anniversary vacation had to be called off.

It took five months for him to heal from the surgery, during which the young couple couldn’t express their physical love for each other at all. Finally, in October doctors ruled Patrick was ready to end his sex ban.

“After I got the all clear we went away for the weekend, with a massive box of condoms. We felt like we were getting our marriage back after a five-month sex ban. And it just shows you can still have a sex life when you have one ball – so don’t be scared about going to the doctor.”

Good advice, as always.

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