Ah, The Bouncy Ball Challenge: The Game We All Know And Love


Say what you will about Buzzfeed — and there is certainly quite a lot to say in critique — the folks over there know how to make a decent video. Take this for example, a totally nonsense concept (the bouncy ball challenge, as far as we know, is not real and never will be) that is nevertheless executed with aplomb. The editing is slick, the production values are very high and we’ll be damned if it isn’t at least moderately entertaining.

But we’ve all worked in an office, haven’t we? We’ve all played some silly game or participated in a team building activity designed to pass the time on a weary Monday morning. That’s what this ball challenge looks like to us, and we’re willing to bet that’s the ultimate destiny here. And what could be more fun?

We’re glad we don’t work in an office anymore.