Alligator Steals Golf Ball In Middle Of Game

Alligator Steals Golf Ball In Middle Of Game

The sport of golf has many hazards, from sand traps to water features. But when an alligator trundles on to the course and makes off with your ball, that term becomes a little too literal. Lane Rodrigue was playing at Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Golf Course when he noticed an uninvited guest on the green.

To his shock and awe, the alligator slithered up, grabbed the ball and tried to eat it. Not wanting to push his luck, Rodrigue let the mighty beast keep the ball, filming the incident for his Instagram. Apparently golf courses in the Southeast are often build on alligator habitats, which seems like a bad idea.

The video made its way to Barstool Sports, who quickly took it viral.

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How would you react if an alligator trundled its way onto the green and decided to chow down on your ball? Would you just play through?

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