Amazing Ball Lightning Spotted In Siberia


We’ve got a pretty good handle on how the natural world works here in the 21st century, but there are still phenomenon that we can’t quite figure out. One example: ball lightning. Physicists and climatologists can’t 100% agree on the cause of this ultra-rare event, which manifests as huge orbs of energy. For many decades, people thought it was simply a myth. But this new video, shot in the barren wastes of Siberia, might change their minds.

Normal lightning strikes are pretty simple to explain: a conductive channel forms in the air and funnels an instant blast of energy to the ground. Ball lightning, though, is a lot less predictable. Sometimes it appears suddenly, sometimes gradually. Sometimes it vanishes with a huge explosion, other times it dwindles to nothing. And that’s not even talking about all the colors people have seen.

Adding to the discussion is this pretty awesome video from Siberia, which is one of the clearest and longest observations of the phenomenon we’ve seen. The iridescent turquoise ball is huge. The person filming it held their ground, which we have to say is a bit braver than we’d have been. Apparently that’s smart, though - one scientist says that ball lightning can actually follow your motions and give chase. What the heck are these things? RT has some more on the event.