Antifa Protester Takes Shot To The Balls

You’d have to have been living under a rock for the past few months to miss the clashes in the streets between white supremacists and Antifa counter-protesters. For all of the outrage in the right wing echo chamber, “antifa” literally means “anti-fascism” - ie if there wasn’t fascists marching in the streets chanting “Jews will not replace us,” Antifa would just stay home and play video games and make pizza.

There have been injuries on both sides in these skirmishes, but one of the most recent earned a spot on the Ball Report through sheer coincidence. At a rally in Phoenix, Arizona - a hotbed of anti-Trump sentiment following his pardon of abusive ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a counterprotester was standing up against a line of police when they threw smoke grenades, kicking one back at them.

That’s typically not a smart move, as what happened next proves. One of the officers retaliated by opening fire with a pepper ball, a non-lethal projectile that releases a small cloud of noxious gas on impact. That impact happened to be in the Antifa guy’s crotch, and what happened next shouldn’t be surprising. The counter-protester limped off clutching his gonads and became the laughingstock of right-wing media for the next few days.