This Artist Needs Help To Name His Paper Balls

Crumpled Paper Balls

Do you think you have a way with words? Then photographer Thomas Brown could use your help. His series of attractive images of crumpled paper balls, called Volumes Of Light A-G, is about as abstract as it gets. The pictures are just ordinary copier paper wadded up, let unfold a little bit, and then illuminated in a variety of colors and tones. Even though they’re technically garbage, they’re mysteriously beautiful.

But how do you title work like this? Brown originally started by trying to make a meteor in paper, but when he showed the pictures to his colleagues they saw all kinds of other images in the paper balls. It’s sort of like looking at clouds, where the fluffy forms imply other things depending on how the wind blows. With the publication of 469 of the images, Brown realized he needed a little help.

So he set up a website at where the public can see the pictures and submit their own choices for titles. You have until June 30th to offer your suggestions, and the winning namers will all be credited in the final book, out in September. So what are you waiting for? Deploy your incredible ball naming skills today.