Artist Theresa Chromati Shows Her Testicle Flowers

Artist Theresa Chromati Shows Her Testicle Flowers

We don’t talk about fine art all that often on this site, not for lack of interest but simply because testicles and other balls aren’t often seen in the halls of museums. But it pleases us to report that Baltimore-born painter Theresa Chromati is repping the nutsack hard with a new set of paintings on exhibit at New York’s Kravets Wehby Gallery entitled “Running in Place and Sometimes Walking: At Times I Feel Loved and Paralyzed.” Each of the works is a surreal, brightly-colored self-portrait accessorized with images of butterflies and flowers stylized to look like nutsacks.

Chromati obtained a BFA from New York’s Pratt Institute in 2014 and has been exhibiting in a variety of galleries. Her latest show is several large-scale images of full bodies that are unlike much we’ve seen before.

In an interview, she spoke on the symbolism of scrotum flowers. “Scrotum flowers are a representation of power. The women will be dealing with the scrotum flower in different kinds of ways. Sometimes the scrotum flower acts as a support system for the woman, and other times, particularly in the painting “Prepared”, I see it as more of a resolve: the woman is clinching the scrotum flower above her head and marching forward. That just feels like she has her power, and that she is an understood thing, and that she feels prepared to move through whatever, wherever she’s going.”

Hm. Cool.

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