Aussie Man’s Testicle In Jeopardy After 11 Hour Wait

Aussie Hospital

One of the biggest issues in American politics is health care. While Obama’s plan has helped matters, some complain that we need to go all the way and shift to fully socialized medicine, where the government regulates and pays for all services. Our upstairs neighbors in Canada seem to do OK with that, but other people may disagree. For example, this Aussie who went to the hospital after a car accident and had to wait eleven hours to see a doctor, resulting in his testicle swelling so huge that he may lose it.

The Daily Mail has more on this tragic story. The unnamed man got into a crash in May and was taken to Lyell McEwin Hospital in south Australia to be examined. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough doctors on duty there to handle his case, so he was transferred to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

That didn’t solve his problems, alas, and our poor ball-crushed Aussie eventually had to wait for 11 hours to have his manhood attended to. By that point, his gonad had become massively swollen and the physician who looked at it told him it was already dead. The next step is simply to wait for it to atrophy so it can be removed.

Needless to say, this wasn’t what our dude wanted to hear. He now plans to sue and is working on finding a lawyer.