Baby Born With Twisted Testicles

Baby Born With Twisted Testicles

Testicular torsion - when your gonads get twisted up inside your scrotum - can happen to adults for all kinds of reasons. But a boy in Devon just made medical history by coming out of his mother’s womb with the condition, and doctors are trying to figure out how it happened.

The name of the patient has not been released to protect the family’s privacy, but some details about the baby have been made available as part of a journal article on the event. The child was born weighing 8lbs 13oz at 36 weeks, which is all completely normal, and the mother’s pregnancy was recorded without issue. However, testicular torsion is something that can happen without anybody noticing, because the child hasn’t fully developed.

Most prenatal cases of twisted testicles involve just one of the balls - it’s significantly rarer to see bilateral torsion. When the baby was born, he appeared upset and was grunting but torsion wasn’t considered a possibility because his scrotum was large and firm. Three days later, an ultrasound discovered the issue and he went through surgery to resolve it.

The prognosis for the little spud isn’t great from a reproductive standpoint - the damage to his twisted testicles is so severe that doctors don’t think he’ll ever be able to have children. Hopefully by studying unusual cases like this one, obstetricians will be able to find early warning signs of testicular torsion and do something about them before fertility is permanently damaged.

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