Baby Meerkats Playing With Balls Is So Important


It’s kind of a stressful world out there, which is why we appreciate all of the help we can get. Today, that help comes in the form of a short video clip posted by the Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia. The park is located in Helensburgh, New South Wales and has a bevy of cute and charming animal residents, including koala bears and red pandas, but few stir the heartstrings as much as meerkats.

Despite their name, meerkats aren’t felines - they’re actually small mongooses native to Africa. They’re interesting because of the intense social dynamics at play in their groups. Meerkats live in large gatherings of 20 to 50 animals, and have defined roles to play that include watching out for danger and gathering food. Of course, the ones in this video are just babies - only two months of age - so they don’t know any of that. Instead, they’re busy learning manual dexterity by rolling little balls around.

The meerkat pups are just starting to venture out into the public view on their exhibit, and if their antics are anything like this video we expect some long lines at Symbio to get a glimpse of them. Let’s check back in on them in a few months to see how they’re growing.