Ball State Trying To Make A Little Scratch On The Side


The economy being what it is these days, with all the gigs and apps and such, it seems like everybody’s got a side hustle. Some people drive their own cars on the weekends, racking up mileage and insurance costs driving drunk people around on the freeway as “independent contractors” with no benefits. Other people sell drugs, probably. Is that still a thing, dealing drugs? If so, some people probably do that to make ends meet. But those methods are simply out of desperation; something tells us that if your friendly neighborhood Uber driver could make a few hundred million dollars selling a TV station, he or she would do that instead.

Does this type of content seem like it’s worth that much cashola? Well, no, but apparently it’s just the frequency band that the station uses to broadcast that Ball State is looking to sell in the FCC auction.

The university’s board of trustees authorized the school this month to take part in the national sale, The (Muncie) Star Press reported. The auction, set to start on March 29, will free up frequencies to be resold to wireless companies such as Verizon.

The sale could result in the school’s WIPB-TV station, which currently reaches 27 Indiana counties, sharing a frequency band with a different station or move to an entirely different band.

Now that doesn’t make much sense to us, but it does seem notable that this huge sell-off is happening as Ball State searches for a new president and decides whether or not to vote ‘no confidence’ in the university’s trustees. Right? No?

We don’t know.