Ball Touching Controversy Erupts on Monday Night Football

Whether you’re a professional football player or simply a young man still living with his parents, there’s a time and a place to touch balls. If you’re Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright, that time and place is evidently the back of the endzone at the end of the game. But according to ESPN, NFL VP of Officiating Dean Blandino knows they goofed on this one.

“The back judge was on the play and in his judgment he didn’t feel it was an overt act, so he didn’t throw the flag,” Blandino said. “In looking at the replays it looked like a bat so the enforcement would be basically we would go back to the spot of the fumble and Detroit would keep the football.”

In other words, the Seahawks inappropriately touched a ball live on national TV. Lucky for them, they got away with it.