This Balls Workout Will Get You Shredded


If you’re looking to get your daily workout, why not put some balls in the mix? This extensive video from XFIT shows you how you can use medicine balls for a number of different strength training routines. The good thing about using these in combination with your bodyweight exercises is that it keeps your arms and legs in tension, ensuring that the muscles have to maintain stability. That prevents you from using them to mitigate the effect on your abs and back. As you can see from the six-packs on display from the three trainers in this clip, it obviously works.

This video illustrates good form for Russian twists, squat swings, crunch, lunge presses and squat chest passes, all of which will give your core a serious workout. It’s a little over ten minutes, which means you can squeeze it in on your lunch break if you need to. Are you already using medicine balls in your daily exercise routine? Let us know what moves you like to do in the comments.