Prisoner With Blue Scrotum Had Domino In His Penis

Prisoner With Blue Scrotum Has Domino Removed From Penis

Being behind bars is a constant grind of drudgery, with nothing to lift you out of the misery of confinement but your own ingenuity. But for one prisoner, his attempts to make self-pleasure more interesting resulted in a very unpleasant visit to the hospital to get a chunk of a domino removed from the inside of his penis after he was released.

The ex-con, 41, presented with massive discoloration to his genitals, as both his penis and scrotum were turning blue. He was rushed into surgery, where doctors originally feared that he had snapped his wang. Yes, that’s a thing that happens, don’t look it up. But after additional examination, they found a foreign object implanted between his skin and penile muscle. It was a fragment of a domino that he had carved into an arrow shape and inserted while in jail to improve his masturbation.

Apparently the man had simply forgotten that it was in there or thought that it was no big deal until things started going wrong. He was suffering from a massive infection and put on a course of antibiotics. He refused surgery on the object itself, for unknown reasons, and it stayed in According to reports, he presented to doctors 18 months later all cured with no loss of function. Lucky break.

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