Bonds Wants You To Fight Glo-Ball Warming

Bonds Wants You To Fight Glo-Ball Warming

We’re all about making sure that your nutsack is healthy and comfortable here at the Ball Report, so when a corporate entity decides to take up the torch we want to spotlight it. This latest entry comes from Australia, where Bonds underwear company has unleashed a new ad campaign designed to help men fight the threat of “glo-ball warning.”

While climate change isn’t anything to josh about, keeping your balls dry and cool has been shown to have numerous health benefits. Letting too much hot, sticky moisture build up down there is an invitation to fungal infections like jock itch, and excessive heat can damage fertility and sexual function. You wouldn’t expect a pair of trunks to be able to do anything about that, but Bonds just released the Bonds X-Temp, which contain futuristic fibers that trigger a cooling process when the heat is on. Here’s the clip:

Marketing manager Michelle Taylor told the press “We know that many men are suffering in silence with sweaty balls, so we set out to prove that there really is a better way with Bonds X-Temp. The campaign is a humorous way to get them to stop and think about their current underwear and highlight the tech behind our most innovative undie yet.”

What do you think? Are hot balls a concern for you, and will these undies handle the problem?

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