Bosnian Soccer Player Loses Ball After Tackle


That video above is not for the squeamish, so please think carefully before you press play. Soccer can be a rough game, especially when physical contact is involved. Running at high speeds at another player who only has shinguards to protect himself can result in some severe tackle injuries, and one young Bosnian player learned that the hard way.

Marin Galic was playing for FC Zrinjski Mostar in a Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup match against FC Sloga. The 22 year old player got possession of the ball and made a drive towards the goal, but an opponent was hot on his heels. When the other player went between his legs to try for a steal, he slipped and his extended leg slammed right into Galic’s groin at high speed.

He was immediately removed from the field and rushed to the hospital, where they removed his damaged testicle without any further incident. Needless to say, he’ll be on the bench for quite some time while he recovers, but hopefully the young man won’t let one bad tackle keep him off the pitch in the future. It’d be a great message for him to take to the game again even with one ball in his sack.

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