British Organization Setting Up World’s Biggest Ball Check

British Organization Setting Up World's Biggest Ball Check

Here at the Ball Report, one of the things we’re always urging our readers to do is check those testicles. It’s a quick, easy and free way to keep tabs on what’s happening down there. The earlier you notice any weird feelings or odd lumps, the quicker you can get to a doctor and get things cleared up. If it does happen to be testicular cancer, early diagnosis is one of the best predictors of survival.

But it can be hard to remember to check ’em every month. That’s why British charity the Robin Cancer Trust is trying to put together a massive reminder this April. Founded by Toby Freeman after his brother Robin, 24, passed away from testicular cancer, the group is reaching out across the world to try and smash the Guinness World Record for the largest testicular self-examination.

On April 3 at 2pm GMT (check your local time zone to see when that is in your area), they hope to gather men in a Zoom room to all check their sacks at the same time (under your underwear, please). The current world record is 236, and the Trust feels confident that they can smash that. Set aside some time this Saturday and check ’em for a good cause.

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