Built Like A Testicle Is Our New Jam


We don’t know a lot about the musical artist who goes by Joey Sexton, but if he’s got more tracks in the pocket like “Built Like A Testicle,” we’re fans. The 15 year old singer from Los Angeles delivers the weirdest ball-related tune we’ve heard in years, a brutal diss on a rival who has a body like a ballsack.

While we here at the Ball Report are trying to keep a positive spin on your ballsack and not shame any nuts, we can’t deny the hilarity of this track. The singer lays down a series of top-level disses at his anonymous enemy, comparing his physical appearance to a ballsack in dozens of cutting ways. Sure, the beat isn’t exactly our cup of tea, but any artist who is willing to tackle the scrotum with this kind of enthusiasm is a friend to ours.

We can only hope that young Mr. Sexton continues his musical career for as long as he wishes, but it’s going to be pretty tough for him to top this one.