Can You Guess How Many Balls Are In This Mercedes?


Watching people open packages has become a mysteriously popular activity in our modern world, and the guys behind Unbox Therapy have racked up over seven million YouTube subscribers with it. And with those subscribers come sponsorship deals. Car2Go asked them to talk about their new service and they decided to run a challenge with it. The team took a massive bag of hollow plastic balls, like the kind used for kids’ ball pits, and filled a new Mercedes CLA with them.

Once the car got filled to the brim, the contest was on. If you can guess the number of balls inside the damn thing closer than anyone else, you win a thousand straight dollars of Car2Go credit. That’s a hell of a lot of free rides.

Do you need tips on counting things? Think about the average displacement of a single plastic ball, and then compare it to the interior space of a Mercedes CLA. A little bit of math will get things where they need to be. Best of luck, ball experts. Hopefully the knowledge we’ve imparted on you helps.