Can Men Control Their Testicles?

Can Men Control Their Testicles?

Human anatomy is a fascinating thing, and this unique video from the Institute of Human Anatomy delves deep into the balls, asking a very interesting question: how much control do men have over their testicles?

While men and women share much of the same anatomy, there is a set of muscles that only people with XY chromosomes have, and those are the ones that control certain aspects of testicular function. The question here is how much voluntary control do we have over them? Obviously there are plenty of muscle groups in the body that don’t really pay attention to the conscious mind - breathing and heart beating are two unintentional processes that happen whether we choose to do them or not. But do the balls have their own automatic function? Check the video for yourself.

The video gets into the development of the scrotum and testicles in the womb as fetuses grow, as well as how the oblique muscles in the abdomen relate to the balls. Things fit together pretty interestingly inside your body, and the more you know the healthier you are.

Pretty fascinating stuff, delving deeper into the activity of the groin muscles than we typically go. This is our first experience with the IHA, but we’ll tune in to their videos in the future if they continue to exhibit this level of quality.