Can This Testicle Cooling Machine Improve Your Fertility

Can This Testicle Cooling Machine Improve Your Fertility

There are many factors that influence fertility, both genetic and environmental, but one of the easiest to control is the temperature of your ballsack. If it gets too hot down there, it has detrimental effects on the motility and health of your sperm, making it harder for them to make the big swim and fertilize an egg. That’s why one company has created a testicle cooling device that keeps your boys exactly where they need to be.

It’s called the CoolMen, and it consists of a jockstrap-like garment with a pair of eggshell shapes that clasp on to either side of your scrotum. The device wirelessly links to your smartphone, where a custom app monitors the temperature of your gonads and turns on the coolant when they’re getting too warm. It’s intended to be worn for up to 16 hours a day for a period of a month while you’re working on conceiving.

With a sticker price of over $300, the testicle cooling machine isn’t for the casual user. But the company behind it is confident that it works, and also feel like the data collected from wearers will be of use to scientists studying infertility. It’s a win-win situation.

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