Canadian Politician Teaches You Testicle Breathing

Canadian Politician Teaches You Testicle Breathing

Politics is a wild world where people from lots of different backgrounds come together to try and represent their community. Some of those people are business owners or other professionals. Some are civic leaders or community organizers. And some are guys who want to teach you testicle breathing and encourage you to conserve your semen.

Nakula Das - also known as Nicholas Pereira - is a candidate with the People’s Party of Canada, competing for federal office. His platform seems pretty ill-defined, but it’s his extracurricular activities that are drawing our interest. Our guy is into what’s called “semen retention,” the practice of urging men to refrain from ejaculating in order to raise their potency and testosterone levels. Whether there’s any scientific evidence behind this is questionable, but Das has built a whole lifestyle around it.

Das is polling at 6.8 percent in his riding, so it’s not likely that he’ll make it through to office, but it’s fairly obvious that he’s just using the campaign as a way to raise the profile of his testicle breathing practice and “sexual alchemy” business. What do you think? Can breathing into your balls help your overall health?

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