Canadian Scientists Seeking Men For Scrotum Pain Trial

Canadian Scientists Seeking Men For Scrotum Pain Trial

How confident are you in your ability to withstand scrotum pain? If you’re in Canada, you might be able to make some money from it. The University of British Columbia is looking for test subjects for a new injectable treatment they’ve developed to deal with it, and you know what that means: they have to cause it to cure it.

Dr. Ryan Flannigan, the director of UBC’s male infertility and sexual medicine research program, is heading up the study. He believes that the new treatment is necessary for a number of reasons, most notably the lack of existing resources for men who suffer frequent recurring pains in their ballsack. He says “It’s been my clinical experience that men presenting with symptoms or concerns surrounding sensitive areas, especially their testicles and penis, are often intimidated to talk to health care professionals.”

There are a number of existing treatment methods for testicle and scrotum pain, including lidocaine injections, but none have the long-term promise that Flannigan’s medication, a polymer paste that could give relief for seven to fourteen days, does. But without more robust testing, it will never make it to market.

How much scrotum pain would you endure for a paycheck? If you’re that desperate, head up to Vancouver and give us a report from the clinical trials.

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