Carrie Keagan Talks Testicle Size With Craig Ferguson


I’ll be honest with you: I had never heard of Carrie Keagan before this clip popped into my balls feed. But after watching her make an entrance on Craig Ferguson’s show, I want to know more - especially if she keeps wearing that yellow dress. Keagan is apparently the host of a bunch of shows on VH1 and E!, as you do if you’re a comely blonde in Hollywood who can work a microphone.

But, as this interview shows, she’s pretty quick on her feet and has a mouth like a sailor. Ferguson has a knack for getting his female guests to be flirty with him, and Keagan is no exception. The duo start off by talking about her spectacular rack, but the topic quickly turns to the two round objects that dudes carry around in their pants.

Yes, we’re talking about balls (as is Carrie Keagan), and she has some concerns. When the topic of what she’s looking for in a man comes up, testicle size is her first response. She needs them to be a solid size because she’s convinced that’s the sign a man is healthy. We here at the Ball Report obviously know that it’s not the size of the balls that matters, it’s how well they’re taken care of. So who’s going to volunteer to demonstrate that to this lovely lass?