Casino Bouncer Sentenced For Testicle Rupture

Dublin Casino

We have no sympathy for anybody that assaults a man’s testicles, so this story is gratifying to report. Last Christmas, a quartet of men leaving a party attempted to stop in at the Colossus Casino in Dublin for a little gambling. The bouncer, a man named Alan Foley, only admitted the one man who was a member of the casino, leaving the other three out in the cold.

That spurred an argument, as decisions like that often do. The member, a man named Robert O’Donnell, got upset and the bouncer reacted physically, kicking him in the groin. That kick was enough to rupture the unlucky sod’s ball, and he was taken to the hospital the next day.

In court, Foley’s attorneys tried to argue that there was no intent of malice in the kick, but the judge saw it differently and found him guilty of assault. He paid the victim 3,000 euros and apologized and was given a suspended sentence. O’Donnell isn’t expected to have any long-term medical issues as a result of the assault but does worry about his future fertility. Hopefully everyone involved can move on from this painful incident with a lesson learned.

More information is available at the Sunday World.