Check Karl Pilkington’s Balls for Lumps, and Yours, Too!

Karl Pilkington is, well, Karl Pilkington is rather difficult to describe. He’s an actor of some sort, for sure, and he’s been aligned with comedian Ricky Gervais through his various programs and escapades. But he’s also a character who happens to have the same name as the actor who plays him. This dynamic is played up to great effect in An Idiot Abroad, and, more recently, The Moaning of Life, another “fish out of water” experience that has Karl meeting up with and learning from various peoples around the globe.

In this short clip, the character of Karl, who is supposed to be an absolute dullard, mind you, muses on the difficulties inherent in examining one’s own testicles for potentially life-threatening irregularities. It is, we hope, merely brilliant satire (although with Karl you just never know), because a self-examination is one of the easiest and most important things a man can do for his health, whether he has Karl Pilkington’s balls or Ricky Gervais’ balls, or any other balls between his legs. Here’s your reminder:

Take them in your hands, roll them around, feel them for any lumps of unusual sensations. If you notice anything that’s even a little out of whack, go talk to your doctor.

And if they feel normal, then kick back and watch this idiot freeze to death talking about his balls. It’s a win-win.