Check Out This Fish Bait Ball In Tampa Bay

Check Out This Fish Bait Ball In Tampa Bay

Marine life is pretty fascinating, with all sorts of bizarre behaviors and creatures to be found in the depths. One interesting phenomenon spotted by a news copter over Tampa Bay caught our eye, because we don’t often see these kinds of balls in the water.

There are lots of predators lurking in the bay off of Florida, and the smaller fish need to pick up unique behaviors to keep themselves safe. One thing they do is organize into massive clusters of swimming life called “bait balls,” with the hope that they’ll both be able to spot a hungry foe coming from a distance as well as scare them off with their size.

This particular bait ball was first detected in Old Tampa Bay, between Rocky Point and the Howard Frankland Bridge. Observers weren’t sure exactly what kinds of fish made up the massive collection. Fisherman in the know rejoice at the sight of these agglomerations of fish, because they’re a sure sign that larger prey is nearby and waiting to feed.

The fate of this particular bait ball is unknown, as the copter continued its rounds. Hopefully the tactic worked out and Tampa Bay didn’t turn into a buffet for predators.

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