Check Out These Stress Balls That Look Like Testicles

Nutsack Stress balls

In the modern world, we deal with a lot of bad feelings. Some people deal with them through alcohol, drugs, or exercise, while others find less involved ways of managing them. The sale of stress balls has skyrocketed in recent years - little squishy objects that you can squeeze and release at your desk, in traffic, or in any other situation that has you feeling frustrated.

We’ve written about stress balls before on the Ball Report, but now we’ve got something that falls so squarely into our pocket that it deserves a front page feature. Spanish communications agency Imaginarte just released Niceballs, the first stress relief object that looks like a pair of testicles.

Using the built-in suction cup, you can hang Niceballs from the bottom of your desk and give them a firm squeeze every time your boss comes over to nag you about your TPS reports. The company claims the balls have a “suspension rate (that) generates a Euclidean curve relaxes and provides those seconds of escape that we all need from time to time.”

The balls haven’t gone into production yet, but you can pre-order them (if you speak Spanish) here. If you get a set, snap a pic for your buddies at the Ball Report and let us know how they work.

Hat tip to our friends over at Mandatory.