Cheesy Bacon Potato Balls Should Be A Last Resort Meal

It has been far too long since we’ve featured a spherical junk food recipe here, so we dug up this delightful little number from Greg’s Kitchen in the hopes of earning back our good name. Yes, we’ve done potato balls before (who hasn’t?!), but did they include bacon? Did they? Hopefully not. Because we’re making these. What better way to do it than with an Australian who seems to be doing his best “Gene from Wet Hot” impression and openly questions the existence of leftovers? We thought so!

Right off the bat, Greg’s Kitchen is promising greatness. There is a lot of booze in the prep area, and seeing as how booze is some of the best stuff to eat and drink in the whole world (in moderation, naturally) we’ve got high hopes for these bad boys. Oh, and YouTube has a little suggestion for us. “UP NEXT: HOW TO MAKE POTATO CHIP THINGS”—Don’t mind if we do!