Chef Fears Casual Sex After Ex Bites Off His Ball

Chef Fears Casual Sex After Ex Bites Off His Ball

One of the hardest things to get over after testicular injury is the fear of sex - humans are judgemental creatures, and even though physical intimacy is an expression of love and trust, there’s still tender feelings involved. Just ask a chef from Glasgow who has abstained from getting it on after his ex bit off one of his nuts when he refused her request for a threesome.

It’s a sordid tale, so let’s go back to the beginning. In December of 2017, Marcello Palma was hosting a holiday party at his apartment and had gone back to his bedroom to canoodle with a young woman he’d met there. Unfortunately, his girlfriend, a woman named Nunzia Del Viscio, happened to walk in on them and things started to escalate quickly.

Del Viscio actually wanted to join in the fun, but when her paramour declined a threesome, she took matters into her own hands - or jaws. The spurned woman lunged for the chef’s groin and bit down hard, severing one of his testicles. She was found guilty of assault and fined 500 pounds. The injured chef made a full recovery, but in the year since he’s found that the appeal of casual sex has waned significantly. Even though everything’s working physically, the mental and emotional strain are a whole ‘nother story.

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