This Chinese Gym Trains Your Testicles

We’ve covered using martial arts to make your scrotum stronger on the site before, but this latest video clip from a Chinese gym is so intense we needed to revisit the topic. Training the body to be under your total control means every limb, every organ, every inch needs to be paid attention to.

In this clip, the provenance of which is unknown, a group of men watch as two of their number squat and lift what appear to be massive weights from straps hanging between their legs. Not only do they hoist the pounds up, but also swing them forward and back. It looks pretty damn painful.

Previously, a Chinese kung fu master named Zhou Zenhua lifted a 176 pound weight using only his ballsack. It’s hard to say exactly how effective scrotal weightlifting would be in the real world, but kudos to these guys for proving that the balls have a lot more inner strength than people know.

What do you think? How much weight could you lift with your balls right now, and would it be worth it to head to the gym and try to make them stronger?