This Compilation Of MMA Nut Kicks Will Make You Cringe


When the Ultimate Fighting Championship first started, there were very few rules that dictated what you could do in the Octagon. In those early fights, you could even deliver blows to the testicles with impunity - that’s how Keith Hackney took down the pitiful Joe Son at UFC 4. It wasn’t long before the organization, and most other MMA leagues, made low blows illegal.

Just because they’re illegal doesn’t mean they don’t happen, though. This compilation video from Total Sport puts together many of the most brutal MMA nut kicks ever recorded, along with their horrifying aftermaths. If you think taking a punt in the groin from a regular dude is fine, imagine taking one from a veritable living weapon who has trained his fists and feet to move as fast and hard as possible.

If you can survive all 10:22 of this video, you’re a sterner man than I. Many of these shots ended fights, but in some cases the victim was able to shake off the testicular damage and continue. To keep things interesting, the video throws in some other accidental fouls, like eye pokes and knees to the head of a grounded opponent, but for our money the grisliest stuff is the nut shots.