Cop Chomps Romantic Rival’s Testicle


Bad cops are all over the news lately, but this Cinco de Mayo story from Anne Arundel County in Maryland is a little ridiculous. Yesterday morning, office Michael Flaig was arrested for assault and public intoxication following a brawl late Tuesday night. Witnesses say that Flaig had been making out with a woman in the alley behind Looney’s Pub in Baltimore when her roommate intervened.

Flagg didn’t take kindly to having his little Cinco de Mayo kiss party interrupted, and the roommate fled the scene. Flaig and another man chased him down. A melee ensued, with the roommate straddling Flaig to immobilize him. Trapped, the drunk police officer took the only route available to him and bit down hard on the roommate’s crotch area. Police were called and apprehended Flaig, who immediately told them he was a fellow officer.

He was taken into custody and booked for assault. The Anne Arundel County police department has placed Flaig on administrative leave until his case is resolved.