Counterfeit Money Mars Testicle Festival

Counterfeit Money Mars Testicle Festival

While we’re very happy that the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions means the return of testicle festivals across the United States, we’re not pleased to learn that those fun events are being used to benefit scammers. Reports out of Wisconsin indicate that counterfeit $100 bills were passed off at several vendors at the Kaukauna Testicle Festival.

The first reports came from Rocky & Tara’s Nut Haus, a popular local venue that provided hosting services for the festival. What looked at initial glance like a legit $100 can be seen to have Chinese characters on it in red ink. It’s the kind of fake that would be immediately noticed in a more sedate environment, but in the chaos of a Testicle Festival can go uncaught. These counterfeit bills have been seen in Wisconsin before, with some labeled as “motion picture bills.”

The staff at Rocky & Tara’s are actively working to identify the person who passed in the counterfeit money, as well as offering a reward for their arrest. Hopefully they’ll be able to track down the person who decided it was a good idea to sully the fun of the festival by trying to spend funny money and teach them a lesson.

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