COVID-19 Cancels Testicle Festival

COVID-19 Cancels Testicle Festival

Last Saturday’s Testicle Festival in Deerfield, Michigan is the latest casualty of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The contagious respiratory infection, which is believed to have originated in the Wuhan province of China before spreading to every continent on Earth, has resulted in a near-total shutdown of cities across the globe. But we never thought it would come for our testicle festivals!

Every year, the Deerfield Testicle Festival draws some 2,000 visitors to eat deep-fried bull balls and engage in a number of fun activities. But with the COVID-19 virus keeping people in social separation for at least 10 days and probably significantly longer, the organizers know it wouldn’t be safe to let people congregate in a group that large, even if it was for balls.

The event is a fundraiser for the Deerfield American Legion, and organizer Nick Pulver said “This festival alone operates the American Legion for the year. ‘It is sad to see it pushed back.”

The group is hoping to reschedule the event for May 9, at which point they believe that the period of social distancing and quarantine mandated by authorities will have come to an end and people can spend a day chowing down on deep-fried testicles without having to worry about becoming ill.

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