Crazy Sex Game Costs Man His Balls

Sex Game

We’re not interested in making anybody feel bad about what they do in the bedroom. As long as it’s consensual and nobody gets permanently injured, you do you. But this latest news story about a couple who took a sex game way too far has us cringing a little bit. Read on for the gruesome details.

The incident took place in Kazakhstan, where a poor dumb chump named R. Suleimanov made the deeply poor decision of confessing to his sister that he was attracted to a woman other than his girlfriend Zhanna Nurzhanova. The extremely jealous woman quickly hatched a plot for revenge that was way out of proportion to the crime. Nurzhanova told her man that she wanted to spice things up in the bedroom, then turned up the heat to a criminal degree.

The sex game started with Nurzhanova tying Suleimanov to the bed with silk scarves, then pried his mouth open and forced two sleeping pills down his throat. With him groggy, Nurzhanova pulled his pants down and injected anaesthetic all around his groin. While beating him with an aluminum pipe, she upbraided him for being unfaithful. And then, the coup de grace - Nurzhanova took a scalpel, cut into his scrotum and removed his testicles. When he started bleeding uncontrollably, she took him to a hospital where she was arrested.

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