Cute Kid Gives Master Class on Testicular Cancer Symptoms

(Warning: This video features a child saying “penis” and “vagina”. Some people who are not parents may find this disturbing.)

It’s difficult to figure out as parents, and maybe as a father more specifically, where to draw the line on a kid’s understanding of sexuality. It becomes a moving target as they age, and every kid handles new, disruptive information (like where babies come from) differently. It’s also a pretty fraught concept—even writing about a video in which a young girl maturely, for the most part, describes testicular cancer symptoms and treatment feels uncomfortable in a way.

Intellectually, though, it’s pretty impressive the way this kid grasps the facts of a very serious issue. Yes, we should see the doctor after noticing any irregularities, which we should look for often. Yes, testicular cancer is very treatable when detected early. No, women can’t get it. That’s all true! It’s hard to tell if she’s reading from a source or is just paranoid about being caught saying “testicular cancer symptoms”, but perhaps after seeing her rigorous lecture, a good parent would be encouraging of such studious pursuits. We do enough to suppress scientific inquiry in this country, don’t we?

Once they figure out how to say “penis”, it’s all over anyway.