Deep Fried Potato Balls: The Real Heroes of Thanksgiving?

The Ball Report’s Thanksgiving Feast soldiers on, this time featuring a scrumptious-looking side dish. If you ask us, as good as turkey (or ham) can be in the right hands, it is side dishes that are the true stars of the table. Sides can be anything from mac & cheese to salad, for some reason, but the humble potato may be the most versatile staple around. Spuds are mashed, baked, and sweetened, as we all know, but they may also be deep friend, which is wonderful.

According to the vaguely-titled “Easy Food Recipes For Beginners To Make At Home” YouTube channel, these multi-step fried potato balls are very easy to make. That may be, but sticking 12 potatoes in an oven and walking away to watch the Star Wars Extended Edition Blu-Ray is just about the easiest thing ever, so fried potato balls better taste pretty damn good to be worth the additional effort.