Freak Digger Accident Rips Man’s Balls Open

Digger Driver

We’ve written about a bunch of different ways dudes have injured their balls on this website - it’s just part of doing business - but this one’s new to us. A digger driver in Southampton experienced one of the most brutal and perplexing groin gorings in recent history when a freak accident sent him through the windshield and into a world of pain.

Here’s how it all went down. James Cannon was driving his Kubota 360 excavator on his family farm, clearing up the remnants of a bonfire. He slipped on the leather seat of his digger and his knee jarred the control lever, sending the vehicle jerking backwards. Cannon wasn’t wearing his safety belt, so he was catapulted forwards through the windshield.

On the way out, the hook for the windshield wiper snagged on his pants, ripping them open and tearing all the way through to his ballsack. Cannon was tossed upside-down into a bush, but managed to extricate himself and get to safety. He passed out from blood loss, but thankfully was brought by his father-in-law to a nearby hospital where he received 14 stitches in his scrotum.

Thankfully the cut wasn’t too deep and he’s expected to make a full recovery. His wife had the last laugh, commenting “I am just relieved there will be no permanent damage. I wanted the doctors to take away the pain — but keep the swelling.”

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