Do Guys Like Getting Their Balls Sucked?


This isn’t one of those questions that we’ve pondered all that much, but mad respect to brave social scientists willing to take to the streets and find out if dudes really like getting their balls sucked. There’s obviously a stereotype that’s extended through adult entertainment that ladies going down on a dude should spend some time with the nuts, but not every guy enjoys that kind of attention. What can we learn from this?

YouTuber Iam Drinaa and a friend took to the mall to accost random strangers about whether they enjoy having their balls sucked. Needless to say, it’s not the kind of question that people take very calmly, and the reactions from their subjects are pretty funny. Some of them have to take a second to ponder exactly how much of their sex life they’re willing to disclose to a pair of girls at the mall, while others answer without a second thought.

The ratio seems pretty evenly split between dudes who enjoy getting a little action on their scrotum and those who don’t, which doesn’t surprise us. Sex is a complicated and personal experience and we all have our kinks, so no matter which side of the divide you land on, don’t stress out about it too much.