Does Penis Size Really Affect Fertility?

Does Penis Size Really Affect Fertility

“Size doesn’t matter” is one of the most contentious three words in the English language. Prevailing wisdom has it that, aside from certain extreme cases, penis size is fairly irrelevant to the amount of sexual pleasure you can give or receive. But a new study hints that having a big unit might actually provide benefits in terms of fertility.

Researchers from the University of Utah met with 815 patients who visited a men’s health clinic and measured their penises using the Stretched Penile Length test (yes, there are several different ways to measure a penis, it’s weird). They then correlated those penis sizes with the reasons for the visit and discovered a strong statistical correlation between fertility-related issues and smaller dongs.

“Those without reproductive problems had an average length of 13.4 centimeters and those in the infertile group just 12.5 centimeters,” which isn’t a tremendously large difference in the grand scheme of things but it is enough to get scientists thinking. The results will be presented at this year’s American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in Colorado.

What does this mean for men struggling to make babies? Well, that’s up in the air. There is still no reputable way to increase penis length, so they might just have to try a little harder.

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