Does Putting Ice On Your Balls Increase Your Testosterone?

Does Putting Ice On Your Balls Increase Your Testosterone?

The singular obsession with testosterone is something that often perplexes us here at the Ball Report. Obviously that little hormone is essential for numerous functions of the male body, but it’s part of a cocktail of all sorts of other chemicals that are also necessary. But people do all kinds of things to boost their T levels, including bathing them in ice, as seen in this video.

The clip, from the More Plates More Dates channel that focuses on bodybuilding and pickup game, follows one of the hosts as he experiments with dipping his nuts in ice to boost his testosterone. Cold exposure has been medically known to increase the production of ketones, the chemical in the blood released when fat is burned to power the body. Shivering from cold is a massive burn of energy. But does applying the ice just to your balls really have a noticeable impact?

The video doesn’t get too deep into the biology of what’s happening, but “Vigorous Steve,” a health and fitness trainer in Thailand, sings it praises pretty loudly in the clip, talking about using freezer gel packs to freeze his gonads for 20 minutes three times a day. Wat do you think? Would you do it?

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