Does Smoking Weed Cause Testicle Pain?


Smoking weed is legal in multiple states in this nation, with more to follow very soon. The health benefits and risks of marijuana have been hotly debated, with many people touting its ability to fight pain and possibly inhibit the growth of cancer even as others decry its effect on the mind and the lungs. The jury’s still out, but one urban legend we’ve heard more than once is the fact that too much cheeba makes your nuts hurt.

This video from Jimmy Moonshine sheds some light on the situation. Our narrator describes a period in his life where he was very into consuming the cheeba and woke up with incredible pain in his groin. The story starts to turn a little ribald, so you might not want to listen to this clip at work. Thankfully, everything in Jimmy’s sack was fine and he took it as a sign to stop smoking weed and drinking alcohol. He claims that the pot caused his ball pain from smoking to excess.

What do you think? Is there a connection between smoking weed and unexplained testicular pain, or is this just something that bonged-out hippies made up? Until some enterprising scientist takes a look at the issue in a controlled environment, we may never know.