These Dogs Are Charmingly Bad At Catching Balls


Catching balls is kind of one of the whole point of dog existence, in addition to sniffing butts and sleeping. And retrievers are supposed to be extra good at it. But as this viral video that’s been sweeping the Internet shows, not all pups are created equal. This duo of canines can’t get the multiple balls that are being tossed their way to save their lives.

At first, it seems like the throws are the problem, as they go wide of the dog’s eagerly gawping mouths. But after a few, you realize that the animals are the ones to blame. These ridiculous critters just don’t understand the spatial relationship between their mouths and the ball’s arc through the air, and they flop around like goofy seals to no avail.

Sure, this isn’t the most thought-provoking video you’ll ever see, but in this world sometimes it’s nice to just have a little something goofy to wash the brain clean a little bit. And if that video is a pair of dogs who simply suck at catching balls, so be it.

Hat tip to the Daily Mail for the video.