Wonderful Dogs Trained As Ball Boys For Brazil Open

Training dogs to be ball boys is like asking a karate guy to chop some wood—it’s just going to flat out work. That’s why the Brazil Open’s solution of showcasing some very adoptable formerly stray dogs in such a large forum is so brilliant. It’s not like a dog show, where you’re asking some big fluffy lab to (literally) jump through a hoop, run through a maze, and navigate some cones. Dogs do not want to do that. For whatever reason, though, domestication has trained them to be in love with tennis balls. As a result, careers as ball boys feel as natural to dogs as peeing on the carpet.

Alright, so a few of them get a little too excited and think the balls are theirs to keep. What, are you going to fire them for being too good at doing their job—for retrieving the tennis balls too well? Like the Brazil Open is just so thrilling on its own that it couldn’t possibly be interrupted by some doggy enthusiasm. Please. This is a treat for us all.

And like dogs, we love a good treat.

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